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General Impotent Impormation:

As with any chemical compound, we are against misuse or use inconsistent with the product label.
Products do not contain amyl nitrite. They contain isobutyl nitrite, alkyl nitrites, isopentyl nitrite, cyclohexyl nitrite or hexyl nitrite. Nitrites are legal products in the USA and not to be confused with nitrates.
You are solely responsible for the legality of this product in your area of residence. Once the product is shipped, we adhere to a no return policy.
The misuse of any nitrite based solvent combined with prescription ED drugs can cause a severe drop in blood pressure and may even result in death.
The bottles contain warnings against inhaling the product and should only be used following the label.
These products are not sold for human consumption following CPSA, 15 USC 2051-2084, 2057a, 2057b, and 2068.
These products are not for sale to minors.
To purchase this item, you agree to the Terms of Service Privacy Policy and No Return Policy.

  • Contains Isopropyl Nitrite
  • CAS 541-42-4
  • 10ml small Bottles
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • A Resealable Polycone cap maintains potency
  • Power Pak Pellets (PPP) maintain purity
  • Highly flammable
  • Not for human consumption
  • Do not drink as may be fatal
  • Avoid inhalation
  • Avoid contact with skin or eyesTest a small area for compatibility
  • Do not swallow poppers
  • Do not use i.c.m. Kamagra / Viagra and other erection mean
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